When I Walk

When I Walk  is a non-profit with a mandate to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and other disabilities through media production and education, for people with MS and for those communities serving them. We believe that with the tools and the guidance provided, young people from these communities will become the next creators and educators to inform the general public about their rarely heard voices.

The non-profit and program idea originated with Jason DaSilva, a ten-year media practitioner (having had his films shown at Sundance, on HBO and on PBS while in his twenties). When he was diagnosed with Primary-progressive Multiple Sclerosis in 2005 (at the age of 26), he started developing the production of the film When I Walk. This PBS documentary film confronts his own disability, and the career/socio-economic concerns that so many young people with disabilities face.

“After working as a filmmaker for ten years, I made the decision to focus the lens on my own experiences with having Primary-progressive Multiple Sclerosis.
When I Walk is about my journey as a 32-year-old film director living with a complex disease amidst complex circumstances. My personal narrative is the anchor point in a film that weaves together interviews, incidents in the life of a young filmmaker and any current information about Multiple Sclerosis.” – Jason DaSilva

When I Walk Inc. is developing a youth program in New York City, with participating youth from the disability and non-disability communities. They will be working together to create media productions that will raise public awareness of young people with disabilities, accessibility in the city, and to discuss disability in cinema and within the global sphere.

When I Walk Inc. collaborates with various non-profit media production facilities to make this project happen. These stories are missing from the insight of our diverse society. What better way to get them told than by the young people of today as they learn the skills necessary to be the next future leaders in the media industry.

We are developing new media projects with the disability community, such as AXSmap.

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